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Is Kentico Right for Your Project

Not sure where to begin? Let’s talk. We help organizations define their needs, select the right CMS, choose the proper licensing level and tackle complex Kentico-related issues and concepts. Give us a call.


k2d is a top-rated Kentico Gold Partner with a dedicated team of Kentico-certified experts, always at the ready. We’ve been designing, building, hosting, supporting and providing Kentico solutions for over 10 years. At 131 websites and counting, we know this CMS inside and out.

Hosting & Support

We currently host over 100 Kentico websites backed by enterprise-level security and a proprietary network of data centers. Choose from shared, cloud, VPS, or dedicated solutions, or ask us about custom configurations. Our hosting solutions guarantee zero downtime and provide redundancy and data backup support.


Our Kentico-certified developers are aces at building custom integrations. We configure all external systems, including social media, member management systems, e-commerce interfaces, enterprise infrastructures and 3rd party data sources to seamlessly exchange information with Kentico. With tailored integrations in place, operations are streamlined, data management is simplified, and processes are more efficient.

UX/UI Design

Your brand is way more than just appearances. Our UX/UI design team creates practical online experiences that gracefully blend clarity, context, and accessibility. The result is a brand identity that looks great, feels great, and makes sense.


Updates & Maintenance

Keeping software up to date is mission critical for security and performance. Beyond proper protection, we want every customer to experience the maximum benefits of their Kentico platform. From small service pack upgrades and bug fixes to major version upgrades, we keep you safe, working and worry free.

Custom Development

Our Kentico-certified developers are fluent in all things Kentico. We adhere to Kentico’s best practices for customization providing our clients with worry free CMS upgrades. We work with organizations to fit Kentico into their workflow for optimal efficiency. Our goal is to provide opportunities to simplify day-to-day processes.

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