A Client Story

Ohio WillowWood

OMEGA® Software

WillowWood is a prosthetics designer and manufacturer humbly rooted within the amputee community. Over 110 years ago, their founder set out to create his own pair of prosthetic legs because the products available in the early 1900’s were painful and difficult to use. Befittingly, he built his prosthetics from the wood of a willow tree. From then on, he was determined to advance the comfort and performance of prosthetic limbs and the quality of life for those who need them.

His legacy lives on…

WillowWood is one of the most innovative engineering teams for prosthetics and cranial helmets. Their measure of quality doesn’t stop at comfort or performance; WillowWood combines groundbreaking prosthetic design with sophisticated technology to support practitioners in providing unprecedented care and prosthesis management.

Project Purpose

WillowWood has long been a user of software solutions to digitally manufacture prosthetics, but their current legacy software, WillowWood OMEGA®, no longer met their standards or supported their drive to innovate. k2d was recruited to assist in a complete software overhaul.


k2d wasted no time integrating with WillowWood’s internal team and third-party vendors to offer development expertise and support. Our team is vigilant about keeping projects moving forward. To do this, we implement a software development process that converts user and business expectations into specific developmental requirements. This process requires us to translate descriptions into actionable tasks and assumed responsibility for discovery, discussion, implementation, patching and issuing updates.

After a thorough analysis and onboarding, k2d recommended improvements to existing code. We also conceptualized and implemented architectural changes to improve manageability and reduce direct dependency.

UX/UI Design

k2d completely redesigned and modernized the WillowWood OMEGA® user experience to provide clinicians with unrivaled support. Our objective was to make the software workflow so intuitive, efficient, and easy to manage, users could navigate it like second-nature.

UX: The design team at k2d performed a complete UX audit of the existing version of OMEGA®, which involved evaluating:

  • How users interact with OMEGA®
  • WillowWood’s business and user objectives
  • Compliance with UX standards
  • Usability heuristics
  • UX Best Practices

Our redesign process implemented use cases, software mapping, and rapid, low-fidelity prototyping to validate progress and ensure that the solution we create met every user and business requirement that WillowWood had.

UI: k2d also conducted a complete UI redesign of OMEGA®. As part of this endeavor, we reduced the user’s need to memorize functions and put greater control into the hands of the user. We also created visual consistency throughout the software interface that beautifully personifies the WillowWood OMEGA® brand


k2d became (and still is) the sounding board for the top development on this project. The complexity of coding required to reinvent and revolutionize WillowWood OMEGA® demanded a talented and dedicated team of software engineers that k2d is a proud to be a part of.

Additionally, we:
  • Assisted in the development, debugging and release of an online/offline database synchronization method
  • Worked with a third-party vendor to achieve Windows 10 compatibility
  • Added compatibility standards for new 3D shape capturing hardware
  • Created additional functionality based on requirements and wireframes, converting business and abstract requirements into actionable tasks for development
  • Implemented security measures for software licensing
  • Produced an installer for product and database management utilities

The solution we created together met all of WillowWood’s product requirements and launch timetable.

Quality Assurance

k2d tested for compliance with all WillowWood standards and performed risk and defect analysis to identify and correct any weaknesses and rule out potential problems. Post-release, our team continues to maintain the quality of the OMEGA® system. As user behaviors evolve over time, our quality assurance coverage will ensure that OMEGA® adapts and continues to support user and business requirements.