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Multiple Sclerosis

Right away, we saw business results,
including an increase in donations and a
100% decrease in complaints about the
donation process.”

Kasey Minnis,
Director of Operations & Communications

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To look at things from a creative
perspective is unnatural for us. k2d
extrapolated all the thoughts and ideas we
had in our heads, conceptualized them
and brought them together into a logical
form, which really caught our attention.”

A-Jay Orr, Owner

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Omega® Software
Ohio Willowwood

k2d completely redesigned and modernized the WillowWood OMEGA® user experience to provide clinicians with unrivaled support. Our objective was to make the software workflow so intuitive, efficient, and easy to manage, users could navigate it like second-nature.

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Hospice Foundation
of America

k2d helped us get to the next level as an organization; they have been our partner. Our audience is national, and there’s something about working with an out-of-state provider; specifically a company that is centrally located, that uniquely supported the diversity of our online community.”

Amy Tucci, President & CEO

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LimbLogic® Mobile App
Ohio Willowwood

The Patient Mobile App enables patients to communicate with their LimbLogic® Pump using Bluetooth LE on iPads and popular smartphone devices. The app is simple to navigate and empowers patients by allowing them to:
  • Easily monitor and control one or two prosthetic pumps
  • Monitor pump charge level
  • Manage and monitor vacuum levels in real time
  • Monitor Bluetooth connection status
  • Manage pump modes
  • Manage pump alerts
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