2019 Online Fundraising Trends

iGen / Gen Z Targeting

By Kiersten Turos | Nov 1, 2019

While millennials are still the largest population in the current workforce, Gen Z (aka iGen or Philanthroteens) is on the rise. They are philanthropy-focused and determined to change the world for the better. These youngsters aren’t waiting until they’re older and wealthier to try to make a difference.

  • By 2020, they’ll make up 40% of all customers
  • Most will prefer mobile giving platforms
  • 60% want their work to make a difference for the better
  • 76% are worried about the planet
  • 26% already volunteer
  • 30% already donate
  • 1 in 10 hope to start a charity of their own

Source: Generational Giving

How do I help my nonprofit connect with Gen Z?

Be Agile and Mobile. The average Gen Zer spends an average of five hours each day on their phone. There’s no avoiding it—this is a mobile generation. They expect simple, clean, and intuitive mobile-optimized experiences.

Be Clear and Concise. Gen Z is our digital native generation. They have a heightened ability to quickly file and sort information. They expect clear, concise, and honest communication.

Be Visual. Visual-based platforms like Instagram and YouTube consume a significant amount of Gen Z time. Photos, videos, and infographics have proven to be an effective way to relay information in a digestible and memorable way.

Be Transparent and Authentic. Gen Z donors are becoming increasingly diligent about where their funds are going. Donation tracking tools and follow-up communication are more crucial than ever to build donor confidence and donor retention.

Be Social to Create Opportunities for Micro-donations. Optimizing your donation process for social marketing will engage a growing community of Gen Z micro-donors. This generation wants to show their support online and influence their followers when doing so. They don’t necessarily have the big bucks yet… but they have influence and are already willing to give.

The next Generation of giving is kicking down your door and on the other side is Z. They are engaged in a world of social good and dedicated to positive change–constantly looking for ways to make greater, faster, and more meaningful progress.

Generation Z is THE generation the nonprofit world has been waiting for. Don’t take them for granted.


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